Such a beautiful city! Amsterdam has all the advantages of a big city but at the same time feels like a small town. The old part of the city with it’s narrow, pretty houses and channels is the biggest old town in Europe. We recommend a visit in spring when the trees are green and people are out with their boats. On the Saturday that we were there the channel was absolutely packed with boats. Music was played, drinks were pored and people really seemed to be celebrating. We asked what was going on, but turned out it was just a regular sunny Saturday. The best part of the trip was strolling along the channels, visiting the van Gogh museum, eating delicious Indonesian food and making spontaneous beer stops at bars with outdoor serving. There is a spirit of freedom in the city, known for being the most liberal in the world, and pretty much always a scent of grass in the air. But the freedom also comes with a price, we found the Red Light District pretty sad. Seeing women in windows being sold as cattle and wasted Britts loudly running the streets looking to get laid on bachelor parties is not a pretty sight. Anyway the best parts of the city win and we hope to come back to this weird, beautiful and inspiring place someday soon again. PRACTICAL
When to go: All year, spring is nice and summer can be hot, we went in spring.
Getting there: By car, train or air.
Money: Euros.
Other: Bring extra shoes, city weekend means a lot of walking.
Apo Island Parga
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