Apo Island diving is very different from Dauin diving and going here for a day trip from Dauin is a nice break from the muck. Apo is all about corals, turtles, drift dives and schools of fish. The coral gardens here are some of the best we have ever seen. We made 3 dives:
#1 Chapel
This is usually your first Apo Island dive, it is a slow and easy dive with no current so the dive guide can see if you are up for some more hard core dive sites later. Chapel has some of the best Corals, a sandy slope and a wall, you will find a lot of turtles here.
#2 Coconut
If you pass in the first dive you will probable do one of the famous Apo Island drift dives, they are located on the north and north-east side of the island. The sea can be a little choppy here and you are in for a great ride. Hanging in the current flying along the reef is a pretty nice way of diving, you get to see a lot and there are usually some nice schools of Jack fish and Giant Trevally.
#3 Rock point east
Rock point is located just outside the southern tip of the island, sea can be choppy and currents are hard to predict. The site is a coral slope with some very nice formations and you usually jump on one side of the rock point and drift to the other. Expect sea snakes, turtles and the usual suspects.
Philippines Cervinia
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