Beautiful rice terraces and hindu tempels for those interested in culture, beach paradise for sun lovers, luxurious spa resorts for jet setters and great scuba diving for bubble makers, the reasons to visit Bali could be many and initially we weren’t quiet sure how to spend our time when we decided to go. Of course we eventually decided to focus on scuba diving, but the thing is we had both read rave –as well as some quiet bad– reviews ones on it. What to expect? We figured the best thing was to find out for ourselves! We stayed for four nights at the Villa Markisa on the east coast, which we loved. Located on top of the black Tulamben beach they’re famous for great muck diving right on their door step with Frog-fishes, Crabs, Shrimps and other cool critters. But unfortunately, during our stay there was some big waves which made the visibility really bad. We ended up not seeing that much except for some nudies (which we’re not crazy about). When visiting Bali ́s most famous dive site Liberty Wreck we just had a few meters visibility. At least the pictures turned out cool... Still! We actually really enjoyed our stay. Thanks to the great hotel, our relaxed ”schedule” and the day trip we made to some great culture spots across the island we’d be really happy to come back. A typical day went like this:
La carte breakfast while discussing plans for the day with fellow hotel guests One morning dive with our private local guide
Relaxing in the hotel garden and enjoying the pool
La carte lunch sharing the morning dive experience with the other tourists
One afternoon dive with our private local guide
Sipping a beer at the private porch while watching the sunset and listening to some music
Buffé dinner while sharing dive stories with fellow scuba divers
Here is an advice: Go to Bali, but don’t go for the beaches! Kuta beach is pretty awful acording to us, -too crowded and with dark brown sand. There are so many better places close by if you’re into paradise beaches. (Who isn’t into paradise beaches?)
Anyway. Please do go, go for the country side, the temples, the cultural heritage, and you should probably go for the diving as well. If you have a lot of money to spend go for the five stars spa hotel. But we wouldn’t know much about that.
Indonesia x4 Rome
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