Bonaire is a small island and there is not so much to see on land, vegetation is sparse and the landscape is flat. Underwater is where it all happens, the reefs around the island are very nice and there are some very interesting dive sites, the water is very blue and clear. When diving on Bonaire the concept of “diving freedom” applies, this means, dive whenever you want, (almost) wherever you want. If you stay in a dive resort, a pick-up style car is usually included in the price and you use this to drive around the island finding dive sites at your own pace. Dive sites are marked with yellow stones by the road so when you see one of those, just drive the car down on the beach, assemble your equipment and get in the water. The dive shops have drive in air stations for picking up new air bottles, this is the diving freedom concept. We found this way of diving very relaxing and exciting at the same time, a very nice experience. If you don’t like going alone on unguided dives most of the dive shops arrange guided boat diving as well. Most of the diving on Bonaire are on the south-west, calmer side of the island. Dive sites not to miss are the Hilma Hooker, a nice wreck close to the beach, a very easy dive. And the Salt Pier, a very special dive site under the Salt pier, the legs of the pier looks like giant spiders and there are some nice marine life to see, you can not dive there if there is a ship loading salt at the pier.
As you probably have a car on Bonaire, it is nice to have a drive around the island, there is a flamingo lake, old slave huts and a great place for windsurfing as well.
The town on the island is called Kralendijk, there are some restaurants, a tourist street, some stores and a beach walk. The huge Caribbean cruise ships stop there.
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