We came to Bunaken for the diving and stayed for five days at the Bunaken Beach Resort. There are nicer resorts on the Island for sure, but traveling on a budget we found this place ok for the price we had payed. The bungalow was very basic but the ocean view was nice and we really enjoyed the little patio where we spent the evenings in the company of a couple of cold beers. You dive with local local guides and the diving at Bunaken is beautiful. Steep walls, large turtles, lots of sealife. If the diving at Bunaken is great, the snorkeling is absolutely spectacular. We’ve never seen this kind of amazing healthy coral anywhere else. The reef is by the drop off, a bit off shore, which means you have to swim quite a bit before you reach it. But as with all great things in life – it’s well worth the struggle.
Indonesia x3 Sahaung Island life
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