The scuba diving paradise island of Bunaken is famous for great wall diving with lots of Turtles,
Sharks, Dolphins and huge school of reef fishes, corals are in great condition. The Island also
offers excellent snorkeling, probably the best we have ever seen, life on Bunaken is all about
being in the water, there is not much more to do there, you can go for a walk to the town but that
is really small, there are no cars on Bunaken.
There are no big paradise beaches on Bunaken, just small beaches and mangrove.
You usually live in a diving resort with all meals included, a typical day goes like this:
-You get up relatively late for being at a diving resort, and get a healthy breakfast.
-Get on the boat for 2 relaxing dives.
-Get back to resort for some lunch.
-Relax by the pool.
-Go for some great snorkeling or take a walk on the island.
-Have some Bintang beers on your porch.
-Have dinner with other dive guests and share your stories from the day.
Getting there:
Take a flight from Singapore to Manado, from Manado it is a short boat ride to Bunaken, the
resort can arrange this for you. BUNAKEN
Indonesia Sulawesi Lembeh
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