Driving into California from the north gets you right into the great Redwood forest, you see some big trees and think, wow, big trees, and then they get bigger and bigger and even bigger, a very special place to visit.
We took a day and a night in Napa Valley to sip some good Californian wine before going down towards the Golden Gate bridge.
Entering San Francisco over The Golden Gate is a nice feeling, we got a hotel near Chinatown which is great place to start from when exploring the city on foot. San Francisco has a very nice bohemic feeling to it, a nice place to just walk around visiting cafés and bars all day long. But the weather is very unpredictable, summer can be sunny and hot or misty and cold.
Getting out of San Francisco we wanted to see the famous Yosemite National Park located to the east. It is a beautiful park with some of North America's most iconic rock formations and mountains such as El Capitan and The Half Dome.
Driving south along the coast towards Los Angeles is one the most popular roads in America, The Highway One. The road is very slow for 2 reasons, it is very curvy and there are many stops to make along the way such as Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and much more.
Los Angeles is not one of our favorite places in California, some people call this the largest parking lot in the world. You don't see many people here outside their cars, except on the beaches of course. We visited Santa Monica and the Griffith observatory to get some night shots of the great city. But to be fair, Los Angeles is for sure a very interesting place to visit, you just need a lot of more time than we had to figure the place out and enjoy it, we might try again.
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