Cervinia is a small and cozy ski village with one main street, there are a few hotels, some nice italian restaurants and bars. Breuil-Cervinia is located just north of the Aosta valley in the north western part of Italy, just below the majestic Monte Cervino, more commonly known as Matterhorn. The mountain is located on the Swiss-Italian border and the ski system lies in both Italy and Switzerland. Cervinia-Zermatt is probably one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world with the Matterhorn showing her different faces from all around the ski system. The Cervinia side is a medium sized ski area and you could probably do it in one long day. Slopes are not very steep and placements of lifts are not optimal. This means that you can easily get stuck riding one lift for the whole day if the next one is closed, and the lifts often close due to strong winds high up in the mountains. This also means that getting to the Zermatt system is not always possible. We had six days of skiing and the weather was good five of those days, yet we could only go to Zermatt for one day due to closed lifts. The Zermatt side of the system is bigger and has steeper slopes, we only did a third of this system in the one day we had, it was a great ski day but everything is more expensive than on the Italian side. The pizza we had for lunch cost twice as much as on the other side of the border. To see more of the ski system we might still consider the Swiss ski resort Zermatt next time around. PRACTICAL
When to go: For skiing - when there is snow, usually from Dec-Mar, we went in February.
Getting there: By car, train or air, closest airport is Torino.
Money: Euros.
Other: If you are using rental equipment it is usually cheaper to book this from home.
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