Cozumel is located a short boat ride from Playa del Carmen, the island is famous for great scuba diving and some nice beaches, a lot of cruise ships stop here.
We stayed a bit north of the city San Miguel and enjoyed this very much. The island looks like many other Caribbean islands, not fantastic above the sea level but very nice when you get into the crystal clear water. Cozumel offer some great scuba diving, dive sites are often coral with lot of small cave systems combined with white sand bottom. These coral landscapes are really something special and you often see turtles, sharks, lobsters, rays and a lot of other reef fishes when diving. When we visited there was a carnival in San Miguel with parties going on all night long, we really enjoyed the parade.
Renting a car for a day getting around to see more of the island is a good idea, there is a main road you can follow around, it gets bumpy at some places but it is worth it, renting a bicycle is also nice.
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