Being dedicated scuba divers, diving Silfra in Thingvellir National Park was a dream coming true. Silfra is a water filled canyon between the European and North American continental plates. The continental plates are moving apart 25mm/year. The water is cold, 1–4 degrees Celsius, so you will need a dry suit. There are a few companies operating out of Reykjavik and they drive from there every morning, but you can choose to meet them at the park directly if you are on the road. All equipment are provided and you don’t need drysuit experience, but it is recommended. After getting the suit and the equipment on there is a short walk down to the lake. The dive is basically a swim through a crack going up and down between 1-20m depth, in the end of the dive the canyon widens and finishes over a sand slope. One thing that makes the Silfra dive unique is the very clear water, some say it is the clearest on the planet and you can easily see more than 100m. A very nice dive for wide angle photography.
Iceland Reykjavik & Blue Lagoon
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