The main reason for us to visit Faial was for the scuba diving. The island is known for Blue sharks dives, the Princess Alice Bank dive site and some local diving around the island. Unfortunately the shark season had been delayed due to cold weather so the sharks were yet to arrive. Instead we went to Princess Alice Bank. This dive site is an underwater mountain located 2–2 ½ hours out in the Atlantic ocean, the reason for going this far out is mainly to see Mobula rays. There was a strong current at the dive site when we arrived so we anchored to the top of the mountain, 35m below surface, and then hung by the line out in the blue for most of the dive. We got to see some Mobula rays really close up and there were big schools of fish swimming around. We also made a couple of local dives just a few minutes away from the harbor. There are some pretty interesting dive sites with nice rock formations around Faial, for example diving in a volcano caldera. If you’re lucky there is also a chance in seeing some interesting marine life in the area like big Groupers, Moray eels and Eagle rays. During our stay the water temperature was only about 22–23°C, but we stayed perfectly warm in our 7-8 mm wet suits and could easily make 60 minutes dives without any problems.
Azores Sao Miguel
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