Faial is one of the western Azores islands and the most western island on the european continental plate. It’s a pretty small island and you can drive around it with a few stops in one day. Faial is a popular place for whale watching and scuba diving. The biggest city is Horta, a small town with a few restaurants, a harbour, a beach and some shops for scuba diving and whale watching. Getting a car for a day to drive around is very rewarding, the island has some great sights like the huge rock Ponta de Castelo Branco in the south, the Lighthouse of Ponta dos Capelinhos in the east and the caldera of the volcano in the middle of the island. To the east the view is dominated by the stunning volcano Montanha Pico at Pico Island. Faial island is mainly green with lush vegetation, but there’s also a more desert-like area in the far west by the the Lighthouse of Ponta dos Capelinhos which is very dramatic.
Azores Faial Diving
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