This can be tricky, we usually use flight search sites like Momondo or similar to find flights, but everything you get there is not all good and you have to be very cautious when choosing flights as well as operators.

First of all the price, this may vary from day to day and it's not always best to book far in advance. If you are going around holidays you should always book as long in advance as possible, most tickets are available one year in advance. If you don't want to spend time looking for tickets every day some of these sites have subscription functions so that you can subscribe to a certain flight and get an email once a week to get the best prices.

Before you go ahead and buy anything always double check the flight times, some tickets have very long transit times and may require a hotel night at the airport. But the problem is more often the other way around, too short transit times. Sometimes when booking you may be suggested to take a flight with a 50 minutes transit time. As a general rule we almost never book flights with transit time under 2 hours, especially on your way out to your vacation. With a short transit time you have to be lucky to catch your next flight and there is a big risk that your luggage will get left behind. Some airports manage this better than others of course, major airports in Europe are generally good with two exception: Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris and Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen. If you get a transit time here shorter than 90 minutes you are almost guaranteed to lose your luggage, according to our experience that is. Some airports are huge and getting from one terminal to another can take a lot of time, Charles De Gaulle Airport is one of the worst again. To get from one terminal to another, even from Terminal 2E to 2F which are seemingly close to one another, you have to go all the way out of the airport and then pass all of the security once again going back in. You might have noticed lately that a lot of airlines go on strike several times every year, this can ruin your trip in many different ways. If you want to avoid this try to book non European airline, they are not on strike as often. European airlines are trying to cut corners everywhere these days, you will notice this on the state of the equipment they use as well as the service.
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