Florida is where we spent the most time on this trip and there is much to see and do in the Sunshine State.
First hours of driving we went by some really great beaches, Pensacola, Fort Walton and we ended up in Destin
Northern Florida has lots of springs and river systems with Dugongs in some of them, unfortunately this was not the season for them but we went to a spring anyway. Ginnie Springs offer camping, scuba diving, snorkeling and other things to do in and around the springs, we had a great experience snorkeling, saw a few turtles and the color when the clear spring meets the murky river was amazing.
After a night in Orlando we went for Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space center, saw the Saturn V rocket, the Space Shuttle and some more rockets, stayed for a few hours and then went for Cocoa beach.
Cocoa has a nice beach and offers some nightlife, a good place to spend a few nights of vacation if you have the time, we spent one night, heard that the best beaches of Florida was on the west coast so we went there, drove from Tampa south and found a great little place called Casey Key, they had some motels, good food and a drum circle party on the beach!
Drove through Everglades, saw some alligators and took a boat ride and headed south for Florida Keys.
We stopped at Key Largo and went out for some beers and a Key Lime Pie, Motels in the Keys are a little more expensive but not too bad, but when you go further south it might be a good idea to make reservations in advance.
We also wanted to try the scuba diving and had reservation at the Looe Key Reef resort, they offered diving trips so we took one, we had low expectations but were positive surprised by the diving experience, saw some Bull sharks and the reef was quite nice!
Driving our way south we were constantly looking for beaches but ended up disappointed every time, the only exception was the beach at the Bahaia Honda State Park which was nice.
Key West is the highlight of the keys in our opinion, it is a nice little town with a Caribbean feeling to it, it is great for food and night life, it also has a nice beach at the Fort Zachary Tailor park.
Last stop was Miami South Beach, this is the place for extravaganza and just sitting in a bar or on the beach looking at people is worth a visit. The beach is great for swimming and the water is nice and warm, nightlife is of course also good!
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