We spent four nights in Furnas, which is a great place for exploring the eastern part of Sao Miguel. For being one of Sao Miguel’s largest cities it’s still pretty quiet and has a small town feeling. It’s located in a crater together with the lake Lagoa das Furnas with ridges almost all around. The area has several spots with volcanic activities such as Fumarolas da Lagoa das Furnas or the Caldeiras Vulcânicas das Furnas located by the lake. Several restaurants serve dishes that are slow cooked in the Caldeiras Vulcânicas das Furnas. Another good reason for visiting Furnas is hot spring bathing, The Terra Nostra Garden has a huge thermal pool with yellow warm water, two smaller Jacuzzis in a jungle-like environment and a huge botanical garden to stroll around in. If you stay at their hotel you get free access to all of this. Another great thermal bath in Furnas is the Poça da Dona Beija hot springs, which is a variety of hot pools located around a small channel in a lush environment. Arrive early to these popular attractions to beat the crowds.
Sao Miguel Ponta Delgada
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