Renting a scooter is a good way to get around the island, streets are often tight and parking space not easy to find, with a scooter you can get around almost everywhere and parking will not be a problem. However it’s recommended to have some experience before getting on one in Santorini. The traffic is quiet heavy and the roads can sometime be challenging with sharp curves and gravel.
We went around the island visiting different beaches, here are the ones worth mentioning. Vlychada Beach is located on the south coast and has some spectacular cliff formations, there are some nice taverns nearby for lunch. Cape Columbo Beach, due to its location on the north side of the island this beach tends to be exposed for wind and big waves. A great cliff provides shadow for the few visitors, some of which are nude. Red Beach, located far out on the south coast this is one of the most famous beaches with a red wall behind it, the beach is pretty small and often crowded. Light food and snacks can be bought near the beach. Black Beach on the south coast has some nice rock formations, and black rocks as the name implies. If you want to be by yourself go right, if not go left. There is a nice tavern near the beach access that serves classical greek cuisine. If you want to do some beach hopping there is a boat going between Red Beach-Black Beach-White Beach.
Santorini Fira
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