We found the Turkish culture really exciting – a great mix of west and east just as the country’s location. People were friendly and eager to speak and learn English. The city is vibrant and full of energy. On our last day we went to a Hamam to have a traditional Turkish Bath. This was quiet an experience! There are a lot of Hamams in Istanbul and most of them have separate hours or departments for men and women. We went to Aga Hamami, a mixed hamam in our neighborhood. For 50 LR a person (about 15 €) we got entrance to the steam bath, a ”Kese” (harsh full body glove rubbing treatment performed by an angry Turkish person) and a ”Foam Bath” (Full body foam wash). Men are treated by men in the common bath while the ladies are referred to a private room greeted by top less grumpy women. No place to be shy. After the treatment we got wrapped in turbans, sarong, and got a cup of aromatic apple tea in the saloon (were a blind cat licked our feet). Would absolutely do it again!
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