Our long weekend in Istanbul was one of the most exciting and interesting city trips we’ve ever made. 
Four intense days of running around looking, admiring, tasting and still so much left to come back for.
The historical places and beautiful sights are enough to keep one busy for weeks, but we also wanted to explore the urban culture and modern life of the Turkish people.
The center of the city is geographically divided into three parts: The Old City, the ”New” City (about 2000 years old) and the Asian part on the other side of the Bosphorus. We stayed in an area called Beyoğlu in the New City. During daytime people come here for the second hand shops and coffee houses, but in the evening the area really comes to life with all the restaurants opening and tables in the street with lots of people eating, drinking and smoking water pipes. We spent most of our daytime in the Old City where the main historical sights are. On our last day we took a ferry to the Asian side. The boat leave every twenty minutes from the harbor in The Old City, the trip is cheap and you pay with the same card as for the buss and tram. We went to Üsküdar Iskelesi, from there we walked along the board walk with spectacular views, overlooking both the new and old city, to the Harem harbor were we took a ferry back. Along the way there are plenty of restaurants and cafés where you can sit and admire the view. A really nice and relaxed day after three days of running around and queuing in the Old town. PRACTICAL
When to go: All year, summer may get hot, we went in May.
Getting there: There are many international flights to Istanbul.
Money: Turkish Lira, 3 Lira= 1€.
Other: Bring extra shoes, city weekend means a lot of walking, sun block, extra sweater for night time.
Culture / City
Culture / City
Culture / City
Culture / City
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