Kebnekaise (2110 meters) south summit is the highest peak in Sweden located north of the arctic circle.
The Kebnekaise area is the most alpine area in Sweden and it is excellent for trekking and alpine climbing, the landscape varies dramatically.
When going, there are a few things to consider, due to the location the weather is never stable in the area, but the summer months are best to go, the weather varies from one week to another, prepare for rain, snow and warm sunny weather. The sun will never really set in summertime so you can walk all night if you feel like it.
There are huts in the area and lots of people use them, the downside is that you are limited to certain routes and you will miss out on some good stuff.
So a tent is recommended if you want to be able to plan as you go, and that is a good thing to do when the weather is so unpredictable.
You will need a serious tent, good boots and clothes to be safe in the area.
Most people go here to climb the Kebnekaise south summit and that can be done from the Kebnekaise fjällstation located at the foot of the mountain, there are guided tours going every day if the weather permits but it can easily be climbed without a guide if you go via “Västra leden”, the guided tour will take you via “Östra leden” which is the shorter route but It requires some equipment because there are fixed ropes at one place where it is steep. You also have to walk over a glacier on this route and there can be crevasses hidden under the snow.
The summit is a glacier and it´s usually covered with snow, you can walk up to the summit with regular boots. But if the weather has been hot the snow may have melted and the summit is not accessible without crampons.
If you are into climbing there are lots of other peaks in the area to consider, most of them require you to walk on glaciers but the climbing is usually not so hard, some examples:
Kebnekaise North summit - Can be reached from the south summit, crampons recommended.
Kaskasatjåkka - Crampons recommended, glacier walk, nice view.
Kebnepakte - Crampons recommended, glacier walk.
Norra klippberget - Crampons recommended, glacier walk.
Tarfalatjåkka - Easy, nice view.
Drakryggen - Crampons recommended, glacier walk.
Pyramiden - Easy.
Tolpagorni - Easy.
Kaskasapakte - Climbing equipment recommended. PRACTICAL
When to go: Summer season Jun-Sep, winter season in spring, we went in July.
Getting there: Night train or flight to Kiruna then a bus to Nikkaloukta.
Money: SEK, Swedish krona.
Other: Get used to your boots before going on a hike.
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