As a last stop on the trip we wanted to stay at a small and quiet place. Koh Bulon is located about 60 minutes by speedboat from Pak Bara on the mainland and is a pretty small island with one large paradise-like beach with white, soft sand. Three resorts are located by this beautiful beach which goes around a corner of the island facing the three quarters north, east and south. One can find a few living finger corals outside it, but most of them are unfortunately dead from what seem to have been dynamite fishing. Pieces of coral is spread out all over the sand bottom, and there isn’t much fish in the water. There are three other beaches around the island, all of which have darker, rougher sand and a kind of wilder scenery with either mangrove or thick jungle and big rocks. It’s great to walk around the island exploring the different areas, local villages and the rubber plantation. You will also find some nice bars around the jungle and beaches. Our favorite place to hang out in the evenings for good food and cheap Mojitos was Hug Bar located south on the main beach.
Thailand Islands Maldives - Eriyadu
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