This small island is located about 30 minutes by longtail boat from Pak Meng Pier. It has two major beaches and a few smaller ones. Most resorts are located on the eastern beach, facing the main land and this is also where you’ll find restaurants and probably will spend most of your time. It’s a nice beach with soft white sand, good for sunbathing or walks. The northern part of the main beach is a bit rough but gets nicer further south with smoother sand and prettier scenarios. Unfortunately most coral reefs around the islands in this part of Thailand seem to have been exposed to dynamite-fishing so there isn’t much life in the water. There are some corals outside the beach, but the water is not very clear anyway due to its proximity to the mainland. On the south side of the island, there are two beautiful beaches which can be reached from the main beach by a path through the jungle. The bigger of the two, Paradise Beach, has one resort with bungalows located a bit away from the beach, and one sea view restaurant. Paradise beach is beautiful, tranquil and much less crowded than the main beach. Next to Paradise Beach lies a smaller deserted beach visited by a few kayak tourists and some local long-tail boatmen searching shadow underneath the jungle trees.
Thailand Islands Koh Lipe
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