We had this idea about Las Vegas, what it would be like. And probably we share this picture with most people who haven’t yet been there, –the idea of the ultimate party place where everything is possible, fabulous, luxurious and crazy in a life-changing kind of way. The image we’re constantly fed with by bad or semi-bad or even good Hollywood movies. People who come to Las Vegas to gamble and party are rich and beautiful, men are dressed in tuxedos and women are gracious in long, expensive dresses...Well, you can forget all that, there is no such thing. Las Vegas is rather the opposite of glamour. The VIP rooms are empty and the streets are full of sun burned tourists, midgets dressed like Elvis, beggars, homeless people and latinos giving out flyers for escort girls. Senior citizens pushing quarters in slot machines while having a smoke and a beer at nine o’clock in the morning dressed in sweat suits, is a much more common sight than Daniel Craig placing a bet on the roulette. But of course there are nice sides of the city as well and Vegas seem to have some kind of spell on us. We’ve been going twice and will probably keep coming back when ever the chance is given. This time we stayed at Caesars Palace which was cool. It was one of the cheapest nights we had during our road trip even though it was (by far) the most exuberant place. On our first day we were delighted, – enjoying the hotel and the luxurious pool, strolling along the Strip, admiring the imaginative buildings, the miniature cities of Venice, New York and Paris. But on the second day a feeling of exhausting gets you, and you just want to get out. Escape from the plastic, the fake, the tacky, the pretentious and the superficial. But can you imagine – not once have we gambled in Vegas, and we still haven’t seen a single show. So there are definitely reasons to come back to Sin City.
USA Roadtrip South West Utah
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