Lembeh is famous for being one of the best muck diving places in the world and you will meet
the most extreme dive nerds with the biggest cameras here. The resorts are usually located on
Lembeh Island and diving is in the Lembeh strait between Lembeh and Sulawesi.
Resorts are often located near the water surrounded by jungle so there is nowhere to go but out
into the water and life on Lembeh resorts are the same as in other Indonesian dive resorts, meals
are included and you eat them while socializing with other guests, a typical day goes like this:
-Early morning breakfast.
-Get on the boat for 2 dives.
-Get back for lunch at resort.
-Get on the boat for a third dive.
-Relax on your porch with some Bintang beers or take a night dive.
-Dinner and socializing in the restaurant.
Getting there:
Fly to Manado, take a taxi to Bitung where the resort will pick you up, you can also arrange for
the resort to pick you up at Manado airport.
Indonesia Sulawesi Sahaung Scuba diving
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