The main reason for us to visit Lembongan was to dive, and we were not disappointed. One of the classic dive tours at Lembongan is to make one first morning dive at Manta Point (provided that the conditions are good) and then a second dive at Crystal Bay. Manta point is where you get a lot of Manta action, if lucky you might see as many as 20 Mantas at one dive, but since this is no secret there may be a lot of people in the water as well, some coming as far as from Tulamben. We did 2 dives at Manta Point and were lucky both times seeing a lot of Manta rays. Crystal Bay, usually the second dive, is a very nice reef dive along a slope. There are also some sandy areas and great rock canyon formations, we got lucky and saw the Mola Mola at this site. The north side of Lembongan and Nusa Penida also offer some nice diving, this is usually where you go looking for Mola Mola. The water temperature has to be a little cold for them to show up in so August–November is when you have the best chance of seeing one. Bring your 5 mm wetsuit and a hoodie to keep warm when enjoying the Mola Mola!
Indonesia - Bali Tulamben
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