We came to Lembongan Island in hope of seeing the amazing Sunfish or common Mola mola. The Mola Mola is the heaviest known bony fish in the world and lives in deep waters, it only comes up to the shallow at certain places around the world when the temperature drops. In Lembongan this is through out July and August. Unfortunately the water was too warm during our stay and we didn’t get to see any Sunfish. Nevertheless we where very satisfied having found a vibrant Indonesian Island, great diving and beautiful nature. During our dives we saw several Manta Rays (at North Manta Point) which are common here, so no reason to complain. We also had a couple of beautiful coral dives. There are supposed to be some beautiful beaches on the Island, Mushroom beach is one of them, but we never had the time to go. The beach where we stayed wasn’t all that pretty, and the tide made it difficult to get in and out of the water. But we kind of liked the unpolished look of it and during the low tide the beach was turned into a seaweed cultivation. We found it really interesting to watch the locals harvesting the cultures and carry seaweed in large baskets on their heads.
Indonesia x4 Bali - Tulamben
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