Malapascua is a pretty small island located just north of Cebu, getting here from Cebu is easy with taxi or bus to Maya and from there a 30 minutes boat ride.
Most resorts and dive shops are located in the south part of the island and this is where you will spend time as a tourist. There is a nice beach, some nice resorts and restaurants along the southern beach, drinks and food are good and there are a lot of Italian restaurants.
You might think there would be really nice snorkeling around a tropical island with nice beaches but this is unfortunately not the case for Malapascua. There are no coral reefs close to the island due to dynamite fishing we were told so if you want to swim around coral reefs you will need to get on a boat.
A typical day on Malapascua:
-Go for a breakfast on the beach, banana pancake and fruits.
-Go on a dive trip for a few hours.
-Spend the afternoon relaxing around the beach.
-Drinks at happy hour starting around 6 pm.
-Go out to eat at a nice restaurant along the beach.
Philippines Malapascua Diving
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