As in many other places, if you want to see the best scuba diving spots you have to go on a liveaboard, and the Maldives is no exception, most resorts have their own dive shop and some of them offer some great diving, but you will do all the diving nearby your island and miss out on some great stuff out there.
We took a tour called "The best of Maldives" aboard the M/V Leo, we started from the international airport near the capitol Malé at the Malé atoll, went south through the South Malé atoll and crossed over to the Ari atoll where we did most of our diving. A typical day on the boat goes like this: -Wake up, have some fruits and a toast.
-Morning dive.
-A great healthy breakfast, buffet style.
-Relaxing on the boat.
-Next dive.
-Lunch, buffet style.
-Relaxing on the boat, Jacuzzi.
-Afternoon dive.
-Optional afternoon activity, this can be a night dive or a visit to a local island.
-Dinner, buffet style.
-Hanging in the bar having beers, cocktails or whatever you might like. About Maldivian liveaboard diving:
The boat is like a floating hotel with all facilities you can ask for, scuba diving are made from a smaller boat called a dhoni. Some of the best dive sites are channel dives, the channel is usually located at the edge of the atoll where the tide flows in or out and currents are usually strong to very strong, not for beginners. Why dive in these channels with that strong current you may wonder? Because the big stuff usually like to hang out just outside or in these channels, we saw lots of Sharks and Rays doing channel dives.
It is strongly recommended to bring a hook with a line so you can hook on to a dead part of the reef and just hang there and watch the show.
One of the most spectacular dives on this trip was the Alimatha resort night dive, it is a place where Nurse sharks, Rays and other fishes comes to feed from the resorts restaurant waste every night, we swam with hundreds of sharks swimming around us and sometimes in to us, see the end of the video for this.
Maldives also offers some great reef walls, Manta cleaning stations and wrecks to swim around.
Maldives Vilamendhoo
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