Marsa Shagra Village is located outside of Marsa Alam in Egypt, this place is all about scuba diving, great food and relaxing.
The village is built around the main building where you do the eating, buffet style. You can choose to live in a stone bungalow with or without A/C or you can live in a tent near the beach, the bungalows are very nice and the tents are also very nice, if you go in the summer A/C is recommended.
Egypt is not famous for good food and most people going end up sick at some point, but this is not true for Marsa Shagra, the food is one of the highlights and a reason to come back here, it is a fusion of middle east and European food, very fresh and lots to choose from, the dessert buffet is also nice. Have been eating here for 2 weeks and never hear about anyone getting sick.
By the way, they serve Beer, and if you want to smoke a water pipe or have some more beer or wine there is a bar just north on the beach.
How about the diving?
There is a double housreef and you can walk right in, you keep all your dive gear by the jetty so it is very relaxed, the housreef is very nice and you can dive different parts of it for many dives during a week, just tell them to pick you up or drop you off with their Zodiac boat, the Housereef is excellent for night dives as well!
Then there is truck diving, you sign up for these in advance and there are many good spots to choose from, you get up on the truck and go to another beach for a dive.
And then there is Elphinstone, this is a world famous divesite 15 minutes away by boat, it is a great reef where you can see Oceanic white tipped sharks, Hammerheads and other big things, you need to be an advanced diver with 50 dives to go there. PRACTICAL
When to go: Autumn, summer may get too hot, we went in Oct-Nov.
Getting there: Hurghada or Marsa Alam airport.
Money: Egyptian pound, the dive camp prefers Euros.
Other: Evenings might get chilly in November.
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