A great thing about being on holiday in Tulum is that there are some really nice historical places and ruins nearby. “The Tulum ruins” is situated a few kilometers north of Tulum and has a stunning location by the ocean. Tourists arrive by buses from all over the Mayan Riviera so unfortunately your visit to the ruins can get ruined by the big crowds. Try to come early in the morning! The Mayan city of Tulum used to serve as a port to another ancient city, Cobá, so we decided to check it out as well. Cobá is located about 45 minutes by car from Tulum and is a pretty big area in the jungle with pyramids and other ruins scattered all around the site. Cobá was first settled around 50 BC and abandoned 1600 years later when the Spanish conquered the peninsula. The city was estimated to have had a population of about 50.000 persons at its peak of civilization. One of the bigger pyramids here, Nohoch Mul Pyramid, is amazingly enough open for the public to climb, and 130 steps up you’ll get a magnificent view of the lush jungle and some lower pyramids beneath
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