Oia is also located at the edge of the caldera but on the north side of Santorini and not as high up as Fira. Many houses here have an older style and this is where you’ll find those picture perfect churches with blue domes seen on postcards from Santorini. Oia center is pretty small and touristy with a few walking streets and expensive restaurants, but even so Oia is a must see when visiting Santorini.
There are two main viewpoints that you don’t want to miss, one is by the Oia castle and the other one is called Oia blue church viewpoint.
Just below Oia lies the small port of Ammoudi, you can get here from Oia either by the steep 300 steps path (by foot or on a donkey) or, if you have a vehicle you can drive around. Ammoudi has some seafood restaurants by the sea and if you pass it there’s a nice and crowded place to swim or do some cliff jumping into the crystal clear water.
Santorini Thailand Islands
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