Parga is our favorite vacation spot in Greece, it is a small town on the west coast with many nice little beaches and a very nice harbor. Many Greeks choose Parga for their vacation and that says something about the place. There are all kinds of beaches in a very small area, there is the huge Valtos beach with water sports and bars, the small city beach, an even smaller beach with cliffs around it and the nicest of them all: Lichnos beach. Lichnos is located just southeast of Parga and you can get there by boat or scooter. The town has a few tourist streets where you can buy t-shirts and sunglasses. A walk by the harbor will get you a lot of nice bars, restaurants and a few nightclubs. Going into the small alleys in town you can also find a lot of small street restaurants with authentic Greek food. Going up the hill up to the old fort there are also a lot of nice restaurants to choose from, this is a more touristy area. We have been here a few times but always want to come back. PRACTICAL
When to go: Jul-Sep.
Getting there: Charter flight to Preveza airport.
Money: Euros.
Other: The easiest and probably cheapest way to go is by using a charter travel agency.
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