The beach at this place is unbelievable, it looks like the post card from a paradise that only exists in Photoshop. But this island is real, It’s wonderful, it’s a gem, and it didn’t cost us a fortune. The balcony of our bungalow faced the ocean and gave us spectacular views of the white beach, turquoise water and tall palm trees,quite magical. But no matter how beautiful on land we also had to dip our heads into the water. Our resort didn’t have it’s own dive shop, but Freddie, the owner of the resort, arranged a picked up that transfered us to a dive shop on the other side of the island. We didn’t quiet know what to expect, but the diving was absolutely stunning. The coral reef was in great condition and one thing that was blow our mind was the huge amount of small red fish by the reef. Another thing making our stay at Pulau Weh pleasant was the food. Freddie spent his days in the kitchen composing wonderful and fresh dishes with great commitment. We had a wonderful stay and dream about coming back.
Indonesia x3 Tenggol
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