We only had one night to spare for Reykjavik so we were in a hurry getting rid of the car and check in to our hotel. Lucky for us the town center is very small so we had time to run around it several times. Most houses are old wooden houses covered with sheet metal due to the climate, many of them painted in bright colors. There are many nice design stores, second hand shops, bars and restaurants. Movie themes are common like the Chuck Norris Grill or the Lebowski Bar, a very nice town for a night out and the prices are not so bad as you would imagine. We had dinner at the Laundromat café, a place for great food and delicious breakfast. You’re also able to borrow a book and wash your clothes, highly recommended. On our last night before flying back home we stayed at the Blue lagoon Clinic, a small hotel close to the Blue lagoon with a private smaller lagoon. We were alone in the lagoon most of the time and the experience bathing in this pool is far better than in the Blue lagoon. Next time we won't even bother going to the big lagoon even though it is included in the stay at the Clinic. The private lagoon is spacious, has perfect temperature and the bottom is covered with white, soft mud, and there are very few people. Only wish we had more time for bathing. There are two restaurant you can go to for dinner: Lava at The Blue Lagoon (fancy) or The Northern Light Inn, both within walking distance.
Iceland Indonesia - Bali
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