The island Sahaung is so small it takes about 45 minutes to walk around. Blue Bay is the only resort and is located on the quiet side of the island, facing Bangka Island. We found the bungalows luxurious in a simple way – spacious, with clever details, built in traditional style on the beach, overlooking the sea. No running water, but who cares when you’re on in paradise? The resort is run by a German woman called Anke and her Indonesian husband Solomon, they keep everything very organized and in great order. At the resort there is one restaurant where all the guests eat buffét together at one big table. This is a nice way to meet new friends and hear improbable scuba diving stories. If you speak German – good for you! About 80% of the guests at Sahaung are from Germany. As long as Sahaung will exist, we will keep coming back.
Indonesia x3 Sahaung Scuba Diving
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