Santorini is located about 200 km southwest from the mainland of Greece. It’s the largest island in a circular archipelago. All these islands used to be one big volcanic island with settlements from the Minoan civilization. Around 3600 years ago the volcano erupted, ended the civilization and created the archipelago as it remains today – a huge caldera 12 by 7 km. This is truly a spectacular place with the cities of Fira and Oia located high up on the very edge of the caldera offering spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding islands. On the low side of the island there are some interesting beaches, most of which have black lava sand. In the center of the caldera lies the still volcanically active island Nea Kameni. Boats leave Fira for Nea Kameni daily and you can visit for a walk or a swim in the hot water in one of the bays with volcanic activity. PRACTICAL
When to go: All year around, we went in July 2017.
Getting there: There is an airport on the island.
Money: Euro.
Other: Prices on Santorini are slightly higher than the rest of Greece.
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