Singapore is a nice city for a stop over when heading out into Southeast Asia. It is a special place and different from all other Asian cities, you could spend weeks here just exploring this place. We visited Boat Quay, a restaurant area by the water with lots of tourists but still worth a visit. Little India is also nice especially if you like Indian food, there are lots of people and shopping to do around here. A walk around the Marina Bay area is nice if it is not too hot, take a tour up the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and have a look at the amazing pool and the view. Botanical garden and a walk along Orchard road is also recommended. Clarke Quay is a popular place when going out for drinks but know this , Singapore can be very expensive. Shopping for electronics is very popular in Singapore, Sim Lim Square is the most popular place for it, but bare a few things in mind. When asking for the price on for example a camera, it might seem to be a good price at first, but then it turns out, nothing is included. Accessories are usually stripped away and you have to add them back on, so when everything adds up the price is not longer that attractive. Guarantees are also a problem, the seller will always say that the guarantee you get will work internationally, but in reality this is not always the case. Refurbished items are common in this place, sold as new. We’ve been to Sim Lim a few times trying to buy something, but always ended up empty handed.
Indonesia x3 Bunaken
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