There is one reason to visit Sipadan, that is world class scuba diving. You are not allowed to stay at Sipadan so you have to stay at one of its neighbors, Kapalai and Mabul islands, we stayed at Kapalai. Kapalai is actually not even an island, it is a reef with a beach on it and a water village on top of it. Facilities are great and the bungalows are beautiful, located near the edge of the reef.
Kapalai have a house reef and a few more dive spots around the island, diving here is for small stuff - muck diving, same goes for Mabul. But the reason for coming here is Sipadan and diving there is very different from Kapalai and Mabul. Sipadan is all about huge schools of fish, a lot of shark action and loads of turtles. This is what you get almost every dive, the barracuda tornado at barracuda point is absolutely amazing. The Island sits on a reef rising 600 meters from the seabed and there is a steep drop off around half the island, on the other side the drop off is more like a slope, so you can choose wall dives or slope dives.
We went there a few years ago and were lucky to dive at Sipadan every day, unfortunately it is different today. Because a lot of people want to dive here and there are restrictions for the number of divers per day, there is some kind of lottery system, so you actually don’t know when or if you are diving Sipadan. This may change so check with your resort or dive operator for the latest info. SIPADAN KAPALAI
Malaysia x3 Kebnekaise
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