This small island is located on the Malaysian east coast, there is one beach with 2-3 resorts.
This is one of the few places we have visited and don´t want to visit again. The island and the beach are beautiful and the jungle too, you might even enjoy some snorkeling just outside the beach.
We went because of the scuba diving, web pages promised Manta rays, Whale sharks and other big stuff, the only problem was that they had not been around for some years according to our guide, before you would have them on most dives. This might have something to do with too much dynamite fishing around the island, every evening after diving we heard bangs from dynamite. The reef around the island looked like they have been fishing with dynamite there for some time.
The other thing we did´t like was this:
On our first day after having unpacked in our bungalow and while having a nap we heard the noise of a chainsaw just outside, after a while we went out to see what was going on and they told us, oh you might want to get out of you bungalow just in case, they were cutting down a huge tree next to out bungalow, so we went out. After e few minutes the tree came down in the wrong direction and split our bungalow in half with all our stuff in if, luckily we woke up before and got out, otherwise we probably would never have left Tenggol.
Indonesia x3 Kuala Lumpur
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