Driving in Texas is great, the roads are a little wider, you can drive a little faster and the gas is a little cheaper. Texas is huge and we noticed that driving for hours not meeting anyone, only seeing some cows along the road. First stop was Big Bend National Park, named after the big bend in the Rio Bravo river at the Santa Elena Canyon, here you can see the huge crack between USA and Mexico and have a swim over to Mexico without any problems, but if you want to go any further into Mexico you have to climb a huge wall. Big Bend is also great for bird watching we found out.
Now we were driving for Austin but made a stop in Fredericksburg on the way, this little German inspired town was a nice surprise and we went for a market there as well, great stuff!
Hamilton pool was also on our way to Austin so we had to stop there for some pictures, it is a little lake with a waterfall and it is very nice, but it is a little crowded and there may be a queue.
Austin is all about BBQ and beer, so that is what we went for. We loved this town and would like to spend more time there, the nightlife was great. Driving out of Austin we took a detour to the north to avoid the highway going to Huston, this route offered some great driving in a nice landscape reminding us of Sweden.
USA Roadtrip Coast to Coast Deep South
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