We’ve dived Tulamben once before and got a bit disappointed. Big waves made the diving uncomfortable and the visibility bad. But we figured this was just a matter of bad luck, and wanted to give it another try. This time we stayed at a resort located right by the famous Liberty Wreck dive site. Naturally we started our diving there and were not disappointed, the visibility was good, and we found the dive site absolutely stunning. Finally we know what the raving is all about. The tattered wreck is covered with healthy corals and sponges, looking like a reef designed by Zaha Hadid. There are a lot of fish around, an eel garden with the biggest eels we ever saw, the big cargo area in the middle of the wreck is great for wide angle photos. Since there are so many things to see at this site, we did two dives there.
Drop off is another Tulamben classic dive site located a few hundred meters south of Liberty. This is also a very nice site with a black sandy slope going up to a reef wall, a good place for small and medium size things, everything from shrimps to octopus. Tulamben has not so much more to offer besides diving but there are a few restaurants to visit along the main street, which are more livelier than the quiet resort restaurants.
Indonesia - Bali Shunyata Villas
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