Tulum is located south of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, when going here you usually stay outside Tulum somewhere along the beach east of Tulum, there are many resorts to choose from along the very nice Tulum beach. The water is warm but not good for snorkeling due to the waves coming in. It might get windy here sometimes and when traveling in winter time the evenings might get a little cold. What to do when in Tulum? Most people go for the beach but if you are the restless type you can go kite-surfing, take a walk on the beach, go for scuba diving, go for cenote (cave) diving, visit cenotes for snorkeling, see the Tulum ruins or go to the great historical site with a big pyramid: Chichen Itza.
When in Yucatan Chichen Itza is a must, it is a few hours ride from Tulum but you can combine it with a visit to the historical city of Valladolid and to see some Cenotes on the way, there are many to choose from.
Going out for dinner in Tulum you can choose to go along the beach, there are a few nice places, but if you choose to go along the beach road there are many great restaurants and bars, you might have to walk a bit, there are many taxis going on this road if you get tired.
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