We have seen some great reefs around the world going snorkeling and the reef just outside our bungalow was one of the best we have ever seen.
The reef starts about 15-20 meters from the beach and goes on for 10-15 meters, then there is a drop of down to 30m. On the upper reef you will see a lot of the usual reef fishes and a lot of baby Black tipped reef sharks. Around the drop of looking out in the blue we saw Eagle rays, Sharks and Turtles almost every time we went out.
Around the walk out to the water villas is also a great place for snorkeling, there are schools of small fish attracting lots of baby Sharks, Tuna, Trevally and more, it´s not unusual to see 4-5 sharks at the same time.
Snorkeling is good all around the island but the north side is the best, just outside our villa.
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