We had a really hard time choosing resort, we were looking for a place within the medium price range that offered great snorkeling and beautiful beaches. For good and convenient snorkeling the reef and drop of have to be located relatively close to the beach, this can be checked on Google maps, and then you can read what other people think about the snorkeling as well. With this taken into consideration Vilamendhoo was the obvious choice for us. We had a beach villa that we enjoyed very much, the villas are placed on the beach just inside the jungle, this way the island looks very beautiful from the sea, very nice! Food, drinks and activities were all good and we enjoyed some kayaking and windsurfing, there are also tennis, soccer, scuba diving and much more to do. A typical day goes like this: -Morning snorkeling, a very nice way to start the day.
-Breakfast, buffet style.
-A walk on the beach, read a book under a palm tree.
-Some more snorkeling, maybe at a new location.
-Lunch, buffet style.
-A kayak tour around the island or maybe some windsurfing.
-Relax on the beach.
-Spend some time in the sunset pool with some drinks watching the baby sharks swim by.
-Have a drink or two at the porch.
-Dinner, buffet style.
-Resort entertainment, they have Karaoke night, Movie night, Disco night and more...
Maldives Vilamendhoo Snorkeling
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