Tulum has gotten quite a reputation for it’s long and beautiful white beach and the hip crowd. The boho chic holiday location is like an exotic suburb to New York City. Expats from Brooklyn and Venice Beach has opened delightful restaurants with a jungle setting, serving instagram friendly food to the rich and beautiful. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, beautiful food – what could possible be better one might think? Well, we can think of one thing. There is no season with optimal weather conditions in Tulum. It’s either cold or windy. According to locals we spoke to, December is the best time to avoid the wind, but on the other hand it will be quiet cold, around 16°C/60F. Definitely too cold for us anyway. In February it gets warmer but at the same time the wind starts to pick up and the nights can still be chilly. In April the temperature gets nice and warm, even during the night, but the wind on the other hand is stronger. The wind always comes from the east, straight for the Tulum beach, creating waves and bringing brown sea grass to the beach. We would not recommend Tulum if you plan on being on the beach all day – your holiday will most likely either be too windy or too cold. Our main reason for visiting Tulum was to do cenote diving. This time we choose to stay at the small village along the Tulum beach, there are a few restaurants, bars and shops in the village and it is next to the ocean with nice smaller beaches. The only downside to staying here is that it’s a 20 minutes walk to the main Tulum beach which is very nice. There are many nice restaurants in the jungle if you go south by the road along the main Tulum beach, some of them are very popular and may require a reservation.
Mexico ,Yucatan Mayan Ruins
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