After 5 dusty days on safari it is really nice to take the short flight to Zanzibar for a week of relaxing.
We stayed outside the very small village Matemwe on the east coast and didn´t really see much more of the island. The beach here is long and wild, there are not many tourist around, just a few other small resorts by the beach, which is a good thing if you want to try other restaurants and bars.
There are local fishermen and seaweed farmers on the beach and the occasional motorbike drives along, this gives the place a genuine feeling and we didn´t experience too many annoying salesmen on the beach, we have heard this could be annoying in other places around Zanzibar.
There was a dive shop close by so we had to try the scuba diving and it was a pleasant surprise, water was clear and we saw some nice things, nothing spectacular but it was better than our expectations.
Tanzania Tignes
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